Sailing in Greece
Yacht charter and kitesurfing?

Yacht charter is the way of renting a motor yacht or sailboat for touring purposes to different coastal areas. It can be a corporate activity as well as a vocational activity. Many people hire a yacht to celebrate a grand party or enjoy with the family. Moreover, there are many renting agencies available which you can easily contact and they can guide you to hire a good yacht. Their charges are different,   depending on the size of yacht that you are looking for.
The Caribbean is one of the best places for yacht chartering. Moreover, the Caribbean is the site that swathe the colossal vicinity and provide fanatic diversity to its visitors. It has a stunning view, offers incredible seashores and interesting ethnicities. Most importantly, the Caribbean has a vast collection of luxury yachts, super yachts and crewed yacht. Therefore, you can easily hire them and experience the superlative holiday around different islands. Moreover, the main season for sailing starts from November and last till July. Kite surfing is also an adventurous water sports that comprise of wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding etc. It controls the power of the breeze to push a rider across the water on a kite board. There are numerous types of kite boarding, such as freestyle, free ride, down winders, pace, jumping and wave-riding. Free ride is the most popular style in the Caribbean that people adopt for riding the kitesurf. Nowadays, most of the kitesurfs that are sold are designed for free ride.
Moreover, the Caribbean coastline provides kitesurf cruises. The kitesurf beaches have refreshing seawater and have the ideal wind for cruising. This is an adventurous way of sailing on the waves. Kitesurfing is a much loved sport amongst the younger, surfer crowd. There are many kitesurfing and diving schools along the Caribbean coastline that teaches kite boarding and kite surfing to every age group.

Sailing with the Lagoon 400 catamaran

Sailing in Greece with the Lagoon 400 catamaran

The ultimate combination between multiple spaces and performance is met with the Lagoon 400 catamaran. I can only say that because I had a unique sailing experience in the Greek Ionian sea on it.

 In the previous years, my family and I were not used to catamarans as we were up to the simple sail boat mostly. Last year we decided to improve our experience and rented a Lagoon 400, together with friends, in order to sail around the Ionian. This was one of the best decisions in my life. It changed the way I feel about sailing forever. It was not only the luxury of the boat itself but also the beauties of the Ionian islands. We had rented a boat for every occasion to speed up when it should or slow down and maneuver easily when we were sailing right near the islands. All islands were really nice and the sea was perfect but Paxoi came out with a big difference than any other.

 Paxoi and Antipaxoi are very small islands under Corfu nearby Lefkada, surrounded by crystal clear and deep waters. I like the green landscapes on islands and Paxoi, even if small, had that characteristic. You can reach all smaller bays around these two islands and sail from one to another at almost no time. The food was excellent as we were tipped by polite local people as to where to eat traditional food and fresh fish. Almost every beach we went to was not crowded and that’s what I personally enjoyed the most. My first experience with a Lagoon 400, combined with my first time at Paxoi made it unforgettable.